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Military Spouse Giveaway
If you are a Military Spouse, we want to than you and your spouse (active duty or retired) for you service. What you do keeps our families safe. 

We recognize that many military families struggle to make financial ends meet and many look for legitimate and realistic income opportunities. We can't give away money but we can provide a way for military spouses to make $200 or more a week in only 4-5 hours a week of your time.

What we will offer will require that you or someone you know has at least basic baking skills. A mixer, stove and refrigerator will be necessary and a passion for baking is a big plus.

Now, take a minute and read through this entire website to see who we are and what we do. Once you have done that come back here and read on.

As you now know, we offer a training program to help people set up a baking business from home. It includes 32 of our most popular cupcakes recipes and subject such as marketing, packaging and shipping. It even includes info on baking and shipping bundt cakes in a gift tin which has been very popular to ship to troops overseas. We will also provide support for a year to help with any questions that may come up.

The price of our training program is $395 including shipping but if you are a military spouse or member of a military family, we will give you a $50 discount leaving $345 when paid in full. In addition, if you purchase the program for $345 we will give you a gift certificate good for an additional complete program which you can give to a friend or relative anywhere in the U.S. maybe for a Christmas or birthday gift. Or you could use it for a fund raiser and draw the name of a winner. It's up to you. 

This promotion will be offered for a limited time so if you bake or know some who does, visit our Order page CLICK or contact us contact us. 

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