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What Is The Risk Of Starting A Home Baking Business?
Any business person will tell you that the way to judge an investment is "Risk vs Reward". That is, how much are you risking compared to the amount you can possibly make?

Simply Cupcakes has trained 176 locations worldwide and if your area is available you could become Simply Cupcakes in your city for less than $500. There are no franchise fees nor are there any royalties. You are paying for training, recipes. logo, marketing, website, support and much more plus a license to use the Simply Cupcakes trademark for your area.

So the "Risk" is less than $500 but the reward is only limited by the amount of time and work you put into your new business. You can do it full or part time. The average cost of baking a cupcake is $.50 and the average selling price is $3. So you can see there is a huge profit margin. Simple math shows that you don't have to sell that many cupcakes to recover your investment. You can probably do that with people you already know. Everything after that is profit with $300 a week very possible part time and much more full time.

If you love to bake and you have been looking for an affordable, low risk way to start a baking business, this is it! 
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