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Here are the top 7 reasons that people who love to bake will never start a home cupcake business.

1. There are many cupcake businesses already: That's great! It means that people are buying cupcakes. So the market is already established and now you just have to get your share with quality cupcakes.

2. You don't bake well enough: Simply Cupcakes doesn't teach baking but if you have at least basic baking skills combined with our wonderful recipes and practice, you will get rave reviews. If you run into problems, we will help you through it.

3. Fear of Failure: It's not uncommon and nothing to be ashamed of. It's normal to be afraid of the unknown. Simply Cupcakes will help overcome your fear with information and support. The cure for Fear of Failure is success and we will take you there. CLICK

4. Limited Finances: Unlike most new businesses, a cupcake business can be started from home for less than $400 and eventually if you wish, you can open a storefront when you have built a customer base. Payment assistance is available for passionate bakers.

5. It's not profitable: Yes it is...the profits are huge! The average cupcake will cost you $.50 to make and you can sell them for $2.95 or $32 a dozen. 

In the past year, a woman who ran a Simply Cupcakes business from her home for a little over a year, sold it for $13,500. She originally invested $1450 for the training and made a $12,500 profit when she sold it, plus the money she made selling cupcakes.. The sale price was based on her customer base and the Simply Cupcakes brand & trademark license and exclusive to her county. There are other examples of home based Simply Cupcakes being sold for lesser amounts but still huge profits.

Another example was a man and his wife who started their Simply Cupcakes from home; built a customer base and then borrowed $10,000 for equipment and opened a store. After the store was open a year, they sold the business based on their customer list, sales figures, equipment, store lease and the Simply Cupcakes license in their county, for $65,000

6. I don't have time: A cupcake business can be started part time even if you already have a full time job. You control accepting or rejecting orders as your time permits.

7. I hate to sell: Simply Cupcakes has developed a marketing program that doesn't require any "selling" or paying for advertising. The key is your website that we will build and the popularity of your cupcakes. We will show you how to do it.

Every day at Simply Cupcakes, we are contacted by people who have a passion for baking and have had a dream about owning their own baking business. That's why we started our training program and so far, we have trained 186 locations. Wouldn't you like to live your dream? Take a few more moments and our web site www.cuppy5.com Then, if you still have questions or concerns, contact us.

 "If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”
– Tony Robbins

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