People are talking (and writing) about Simply Cupcakes. We have been featured in numerous magazines, a TV interview and a feature on an international cupcake blog. We have had visitors to this site from Australia to Thailand

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"We live in an area inundated by the cupcake trend (metro NYC) and, frankly, in most cases that trend hasn't resulted in actual good cupcakes, so when I first read that there is a new cupcake cafe on Sanibel, I wasn't that excited. But then we arrived for our vacation and I thought it'd be nice to bring some midnight snacks back to the condo, so I visited Simply Cupcakes. Bottom line: this place has fantastic cupcakes!
The cupcakes are the thing. First, there is the size. So many places go either mini or maxi with cupcakes, which is annoying a in both extremes. This place gets the size right - they are about the size you would make at home - one can be satisfying, but two are not out of the question. The frosting to cake ratio is also the right balance - you want enough frosting to feel like it's something special, but you don't want a cupcake that is just a platform for some gobbed up mountain of fluff. These folks hit the right amount. The flavors are interesting and well-executed. We tried the key lime and the tuxedo varieties. The key lime cupcakes were filled with the proper sweet/tart/bitter key lime curd we all associate with this part of the world and were a nice moist yellow cake with a creamy white frosting. The tuxedo cupcakes were simple and delicious chocolate cake with a white frosting. Neither was overly sweet and both had complexity of flavor rarely found in cupcake houses.
​Simply Cupcakes has managed to produce fantastic versions that should remind us why that cupcake trend got so popular to begin with."​
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