In the Distance Learning, you get everything you would get in the Naples Plan but you don't come to Naples.
Price $1900

For A Limited Time:
50% Discount = $950

You have the option of paying $990 in full and receiving all your training materials within 3 days. An explanation of what is included is  HERE

You get the training materials as you make the $185 payments including Simply Cupcakes' manual, popular recipes, support, marketing, Message Board, logo website and hosting. You will make the payments monthly but you can pay faster to finish sooner.

You are already approved for this Payment Plan. 

When you make the first payment, you will get a contract guaranteeing you the exclusive to Simply Cupcakes in your area. You will also get 3 basic Simply Cupcakes recipes so you can start practicing baking.

When you make the second $185 payment, you will get the Simply Cupcakes manual which includes 18 popular recipes.

When you make the fourth payment, you will get access to the Simply Cupcakes Message Board with over 600 posts and a search feature. Here you will get answers to many of your questions and be able to communicate with other Simply Cupcakes locations.

  When you make the final payment we will build your website so you can start your business. Logo & hosting for the site is included. 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions, want more info or would like to enroll, use this contact form but make sure to include your city & state.

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