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If you have had a dream of staring your own cupcake baking business but your funds are limited, you should consider our Payment Plan.


Payment Plan: $295 down payment followed by 8 monthly payments of $95 starting 30 days later. When you make the down payment, you get a contract awarding you the exclusive to your area and the hard cover Simply Cupcakes manual that includes 18 recipes and topics to help start building your business. 

When you make the fourth payment, you get access to the Simply Cupcakes Message Board which includes 23 additional recipes and over 600 posts. You will be able to search for questions and answers and communicate with all the Simply Cupcakes locations.

​When you make the final payment, you can start your business and we will start to build your website with online ordering.

You can pre pay any payments to get your business running sooner if you wish.


If you have a passion for baking and a dream to start your own home baking business, don't take the chance that if you delay, someone will take your county. We can only have one Simply Cupcakes in each county so if your is available, don't let it get away. If money is tight leading up to the holidays, you can reserve your area (if it's available) by making a deposit of $100. That will reserve your area for you until January 30th, 2018. At that time, you can pay the $195 balance of the $295 down payment and start the payment plan with 8 payments of $95 each. Then you will get the training materials and start building your business. Just contact us and let us know where you are located and  what you would like to do.

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