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Do you know the reason that many people who love to bake, never turn it into a business? The reason for many of them is that they hate to "sell" or fear the idea of having to convince someone to buy.

There's a difference between selling and marketing and Simply Cupcakes has developed a marketing program that doesn't require any selling at all. As a matter of fact, as a home business, the first interaction you will have with a customer will be when they contact you to place an order. They are already "sold" at that point but they might need help in deciding cupcake selections.

As part of our Distance Learning Program, Simply Cupcakes will show you how to launch a marketing program that is guaranteed to work without any selling. Then your business will grow from there because the customers will love your cupcakes will reorder and tell their friends. 

So, if the fear of selling has kept you from starting a home baking business or if you already tried and it didn't work, let Simply Cupcakes help you make it a success without any "selling".