Let me tell you about my wife, Joanne. It's the same story that has been written in magazines,  newspapers and on television. It's the story of a woman who is living her dream at the age of 65. She raised two wonderful children and worked as a Pediatric Registered  Nurse for 30 years.  She married me 16 years ago and gave up nursing to work for her friend, a dessert caterer in upstate NY. We moved to Naples, Florida 10 years ago and Joanne saw that no one was selling cupcakes other than the grocery stores. Cupcakes were sweeping the nation thanks in part, to "Sex And The City."  Joanne put some of her own recipes together and took a booth at a Farmer's Market to sell cupcakes. She dragged me along at 7 AM every Saturday morning, so I can testify to the reaction that customers had. Week after week we would sell out of 30 dozen cupcakes in 4 hours. 

When the market ended, we didn't have the money to open a store, so we came up with the idea of an online cupcakery; a website, where people would order cupcakes and we would deliver them. We knew nothing about creating a website but we learned by trial and error and ended up with a site that included an online order form, which turned out to be the key to what we were doing. www.naplescupcakes.com Orders started coming in and over the next couple of years, the orders built up to the point where Joanne had to start turning them away since she could not bake any more even working 10 hours a day. 

Five years ago, it was time to open a store and hire Baking Assistants. That in itself was an adventure but we did our homework and passed inspection on the first try. The store has been open 5 years and is thriving. We now have opened 2 additional stores and have 7 bakers. We have had numerous feature articles written about us, yet we have not spent any money on advertising.

This is not a franchise but it has some of the same features without the costs or restrictions. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Starting a cupcake business is not hard when you have help and guidance. We will be with you every step of the way. At the beginning, you will be selling cupcakes baked from the recipes that have become so popular in our stores. Later, you will be able to add your own recipes or other products. It's your business and you can build it the way you want.

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